We offer high quality instruments and equipment within the field of testing, calibration and measurement


Solutions from leading global suppliers

Intermark Metrology has earned a wide knowledge of the product portfolio of leading suppliers worldwide within the field of instruments and equipment for testing, calibration and measurement.

Based on this solid knowledge and experience, we offer laboratories and test facilities throughout the Nordic region the best combination of high quality test instruments and measuring equipment that lasts for many years.

Kambic  |  MBW  |  AccuMac  |  LogTag  |  Furness Controls  |  Meatest

Climatic chambers and calibration baths from Kambic

Kambic is a Slovenian family-run company that has specialized in the design, production and validation of metrology equipment for the past 30 years.

Intermark Metrology has an in-depth knowledge of Kambic’s product portfolio, and we advise, supply and service their entire programme of climate chambers, temperature chambers, calibration baths and laboratory and process equipment.

We deliver:

  • Calibration baths (from -100C to 300 C)
  • Micro calibration baths
  • Calibration baths w. black body cavity
  • Climatic chambers
  • Peltier and compressor based climatic chambers
  • Calibration climatic chambers
  • Temperature chambers
  • Air baths
  • Triple point of water maintenance baths
  • Ultra stable standard resistor maintenance baths

Precise humidity measurement and calibration systems from MBW

MBW is a Swiss world-class manufacturer of high quality chilled mirror dew point hygrometers used in a variety of humidity calibration, measurement and gas quality applications.

The company was founded in 1962 and is also serving as the Designated Institute for humidity calibration in Switzerland.

Intermark Metrology has in-depth knowledge of the product portfolio, and we advise, supply and service MBW's full programme of measurement equipment and calibration systems.

We deliver:

  • Humidity measurement (Dew point mirror models 373-973)
  • Temperature measurement (T12 Resistance Thermometer)
  • SF6 measurement (973-SF6 Gas Analyzer)
  • Humidity generation (TSC 2500, TSC 3900 Humidity generator)
  • 17025 Accredited calibration

Digital thermometer readouts and temperature sensors/probes from Accumac

AccuMac Corporation is an American supplier that designs and manufactures digital thermometer readouts, temperature sensors/probes and thermocouples.

AccuMac's product portfolio is of the highest quality and has a wide range of uses and applications, including laboratory metrology, industrial process control and quality assurance.

We are happy to offer advice on the various uses and applications.

We deliver:

  • Digital thermometer readouts (AM8060, AM8040,
  • Handheld digital thermometer (AM8010)
  • Standard platinum resistance thermometers (SPRTs)
  • Secondary reference PRTs
  • Precision industrial PRTs
  • Reference standard thermocouples 
  • Precision thermocouples

Environmental data loggers from LogTag®

LogTag® data loggers can be used in all situations where temperature and humidity need to be monitored and electronically recorded in a cost-effective and efficient way.

LogTag® data loggers consist of hardware, software and a wide range of applications tailored to different industries and areas, such as transportation and monitoring of food and manufacturing and storage of pharmaceutical products.

The LogTag® system provides the most cost-effective, high performance environmental data loggers for today’s market.

We deliver:

  • Standard temperature loggers
  • Temperature loggers as USB
  • Temperature loggers for ultra low temperature
  • Temperature and humidity loggers
  • Temperature indicators
  • SW – free of charge (Pharma compliant)

Low differential pressure measurement solutions from Furness Controls

Furness Controls was founded in England more than 50 years ago and has since become the market leader in solutions for extremely low differential pressure measurement - down to 0.01pa.

Their legacy is based on pioneering work in the 1940s, and today Furness Controls produces a full range of measurement technology solutions that cover a wide range of measurement needs and detection techniques.

Intermark Metrology has an in-depth knowledge of their product catalogue, and we advise, deliver and service Furness Controls' full portfolio of measurement solutions.

We deliver:

  • Pressure transmitters
  • Leak detection
  • Pressure and flow calibration
  • Flow measurement
  • Flow elements
  • Differential pressure manometers

Calibration devices and electromagnetic flow meters from MEATEST

MEATEST was founded in the Czech Republic in 1991. The company has since specialized in developing and manufacturing innovative instruments for measuring and generating electrical sizes, including calibration devices, automation solutions and electromagnetic flow meters.

The product portfolio from MEATEST is tailored to laboratories and testing facilities in the electronics, engineering, aeronautics and telecommunications sectors.

We are happy to offer advice on the various uses and applications.

We deliver:

  • Electrical calibration devices
  • Programmable decades
  • Electromagnetic flow meters